Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Someone is in the Holiday Spirit!

So... Thanksgiving came and went.  Had a great time with my family by the way (I ate, laughed, ate, played, ate...well u get the picture)...anywhoo- I missed the Black Friday Sales and Cyber Monday came and went...and I didn't buy one thing (smh).  I'm sure that I am NOT the only one!  How many of you put up your holiday decorations?  I DID I DID I DID...and yes, I am listening (and singing) to holiday music...I am officially in the Holiday Spirit!  Since the big business retailers aren't going to revisit their Black Friday discounts, check out my "Specials" page for deep discounts on dance classes.  It may seem crazy, but when you love to dance, shake my tailfeather, and meet new's worth it!

*Live Free~Just Dance!*

Monday, November 28, 2011

First Time Blogging-Ever!!!!!

Woo hooo!!! I have finally jumped on this blog thingie :)  Let's see how it goes!